Dear Friends/Students

Happy Teacher’s Day to All

This page ‘Elements of Philosophy” is a study material page for BA First Year (Ist Semester) philosophy students studying under Panjab University Chandigarh. I am teaching this course since 2010 and found difficulty in the subject-matter of the paper.

This page is a reflection of our class-room teaching of the content. The aim of this paper is to familiarize the students with the subject, its branches, problems and methods. The contents of this paper provide the students with a wider canvas about tackling day-to-day problems from a larger perspective. We are considering this page as an extension of online work of Centre for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies(CPPIS) Pehowa (Haryana). We made a difference in academic philosophy in India and developing it positively day by day.

We have an another page “A Class-Room Introduction to Logic” also covers the “Logic” paper of BA First Year (Ist Semester), its link given in the Link section. We have an another E-Content page for BA General (Philosophy) Course but this page is revised according to new Semester-System adopted from session 2014-2015. This page is officially released on the occasion of  Teacher’s Day Celebration at our Department of Philosophy and dedicated to All the Philosophers and Teachers who  are guiding and motivating us time to time.


This material is developed from various books, notes and online resources. A detailed list will be given in the  “Suggested Readings Section”. Some pictures are cited from various online pages, their links are cited in the end of every content page. It gives double benefit to us. First it made every page beautiful and secondly it also provide links to some philosophy pages too, which can be read for extra knowledge of philosophy course. This page a developing page, so change is necessary till the end of this session.  Hope this page will be helpful for our students as well as other students of philosophy. For any suggestions and comments, kindly contact to the below mentioned links:

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3rd September, 2014